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  • Osmosis Facials

    • No skincare line in the world has a more complete approach to skin health than Osmosis Skincare. Your results will reflect that. From acne to rosacea, hyperpigmentation to aging Osmosis addresses them all!

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    • $85
    • Detox/Clarifying Enzyme Facial 60 Minutes

      Detoxify and purify the skin with Benzonite clay which soothes while Licorice Root cleans and calms to leave skin feeling balanced and refreshed!

      Recommended Skin Type: Acneic/Thick/Oily Skin

    • $85
    • Tranqwillow Facial 60 Minutes

      Dive into a sensation of organic apples that reduces redness and irritation by strengthening capillaries and calming the skin. Willow Herb is rich in potent anti-inflammatory properties that restore balance, while Cucumber and Calendula calm and cool the skin!

      Recommended Skin Type: Rosacea/Sensitive Skin

    • $85
    • Quench the Dryness 60 Minutes

      Nurture and hydrate dry, tired skin with a velvety exfoliated Sage and Passion Flower mask. Deeply hydrating, this facial restores suppleness and quenches the skin.

      Recommended Skin Type: Mature/Dry/Dehydrated Skin

    • $95
    • Be Spotless 60 Minutes

      This advanced multivitamin treatment conquers all by utilizing vitamins A, B, and E along with incorporating the most advanced delivery of Vitamin C and skin brighteners. Your skin becomes clearer, smoother and lighter.

       Recommended Skin Type: Hyper-pigmented Skin

    • $95
    • Age Arresting 60 Minutes

      Feed your skin and boost antioxidant levels with this organic berry rich mask that will invigorate the senses while stimulating the skin!

      Recommended Skin Type: Aging/Mature Skin

    • $110
    • Sex-A-Peel 60 Minutes

      This natural face lift is the perfect treatment to stimulate circulation, firm and lift the skin while leaving you with a healthy glow!

      Recommended Skin Type: Aging/Mature Skin

    • $55
    • Skin Fitness Refresher Facial 30 Minutes

      A quick pick-me-up facial that rehydrates, cleanses, tones, and gently exfoliates your skin. You’ll feel fresh, clean, and glowing!

      Recommended Skin Type: All Skin Types

  • About

  • Your skin changes over time depending on age, weather, and even hormones, but if you have great skin now, don't trust that it will last forever! For example, lots of girls suffer from eczema in the winter and simply blame it on dryness. Not treating a serious condition can lead to long-term skin damage!

    And while it's great to practice good skin care at home, that doesn't necessarily mean you should be skipping out on seeking professional help. And even though you may not suffer from severe acne or other chronic conditions, your complexion will still benefit from the attention of a trained esthetician.

    Getting a facial is important to understand how your skin works and how it reacts to stress, hormones, and the elements. People with problematic skin should book a monthly facial. At the least, getting one every season is recommended to keep the skin balanced.